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15 Times Dogs Chose Utter Chaos And Everyone Won

small dog smiling while pushing its face into a net in a car and two dogs sticking their heads out of a car window and through a cargo net

Let’s face it: Sometimes you need a little space from your dog, whether it be for privacy reasons or your own sanity. Much to the chagrin of our furry friends, of course.

This topic recently came up in a Facebook group called Big Dogs Have Big Hearts. Someone shared photos of their pit bull squishing his face against a net they’d set up to keep the pup in the back seat of the car. The delightfully clingy images led to a comment section filled with pictures of canines choosing chaos. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below!

1. First, we have the photos that started it all.

2. Unlike the first pup, this one seems to be having a pretty good time despite, if not because of, the barrier.

3. “Mom, how could you have done this to me?”

4. Looks like these two found a loophole.

5. Now would be a great time for his dad to do a quick checkup on his baby teeth.

6. They found the optimal position to get all the snoot boops!

7. Nothing can keep this good boy away from his view of the backyard!

8. “Now is not the time for a selfie, Mom.”

9. She may not be able to roam around wherever she wants, but she can still enjoy the view.

10. How long do you think it took him to realize he’s too big to fit through the net?

11. He fought hard, but in the end, the net still won.

12. She’s planning the perfect revenge, but you know she’ll forget all about it as soon as she’s let out.

13. “Maybe if I look extra cute, they’ll set me free.”

14. This defeated pup’s attempts were valiant, but she wasn’t a match for the powerful net.

15. And then there’s this special boy.

Look at all of those adorable faces! There’s just no way we can stay mad at them for long, and thankfully, they feel the same way about us. Which is good, because like chaotic toddlers, dogs often need to be saved from themselves.

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