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15 People Who Completely Transformed Their Office Cubicles Into Magical Spaces

an office decorated with green and floral wallpaper, a poster, and various other décor pieces and office cubicles decorated to look like a house with christmas decor

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping your workspace simple, we’ve got to give a hand to those who are brave enough to think outside of the box – or cubicle – no matter how new they are to the job.

In fact, one newbie’s cubicle went viral when the CEO of the company shared it on Twitter. In doing so, he started an inspiring conversation where others shared their own personalized work spaces. There were so many impressive ones to choose from, but we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to admire below!

1. We’ll begin with the conversation starter.

“Recently one of our newest team members asked if he could decorate his cubical. When I said yes, I wasn’t expecting this… “

2. “Anything to banish that boring beige or depressing gray I used to have to look at all day. I pinned leftover fabric from dining room curtains.”

3. This woman didn’t win her office’s Halloween décor contest, but she would have gotten our vote.

4. “I went more jungle with mine!”

an opened yellow door revealing an office decorated like a jungle with green carpeting and vines

5. This person has found “My kinda people….. “

6. Being “normal” is overrated!

“I decorated my cubicle when I was in an office- a lot of my coworkers thought it was weird but I said ‘I spend more time here than at home, why wouldn’t I want it to be a cheerful space?’ Ps. Sticky wallpaper works perfectly for covering ugly metal cabinets!”

7. If you have a collection like this one then why not show it off?

8. “So my job is (really into) holidays we are having a contest on best cubical decoration.”

9. “This was my cubicle in the Pentagon before I retired. We later added a bistro table and chairs adorned with some bottles of zero-alcohol wine.”

10. Who could ask for a better birthday?!

“I was always the one with the most decorated desk at work (I was also the fastest to put it up & take it down when we moved desk). One year my talents came into play when decorating the boss’s desk for his birthday. We decorated based on his favorite restaurant. It was a hit!”

11. “I’m getting festive with my favorite DIY holiday decor!”

12. “This was my cubicle during one of those Halloween days.”

13. “My work told us to decorate our cubicles for the holidays, so I did this.”

14. Simple but cozy!

“When we returned to the office July 2021 I asked if I could decorate my cubical … I’ve since added an umbrella holder, a foot stool and pillows. After working from home all of 2020 I needed my cubical to showcase my personality. Don’t you love it?”

15. “How I spent my Saturday morning… Helping my dad decorate someone’s cubical for their birthday.”

Whether you go all out for your own work space or simply choose to hang a calendar you enjoy on the wall, making the space you work in your own is both fun and important. Not only can it make a difference in your mood, but it can even boost your productivity!

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