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15 Teeny-Tiny Critters Who Can Fit On Your Finger

super tiny bee resting on someone's finger and closeup of a super tiny snake wrapped around someone's finger

Nothing can prepare you for all the cuteness coming your way.

There are animals of all kinds in the world, and every single one of them is adorable in their own way, including the ones who are so small they almost don’t look real. The subreddit “Tiny Animals on Fingers” is full of people sharing these fun-sized creatures, and we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to repeatedly say “awww” at below!

1. This Reddit user shared a photo of their friend’s baby turtle. We may or may not be jealous.

2. The adorable Pixie is a blossom bat who weighs just 8 grams.

3. We can’t get over this mouse’s little paw!

4. The bright green skin! The giant eyes! The smol hands! So much to love!

5. This chameleon’s name is Floyd, and he is scientifically a good boy.

6. You might be cool, but are you hang-out-with-a-tiny-baby-grasshopper cool?

7. This Reddit user shared a photo of the orphaned opossum they were raising. The way it’s wrapped tightly around their finger is too precious.

8. When you and your bestie decide to match.

9. Snakes can be pretty scary, but this little guy has us wrapped around his finger!

10. The feathers on this mini ruby-throated hummingbird are absolutely gorgeous!

11. Baby horned toad or baby dinosaur? We may never know.

12. Imagine how amazing it would be to watch this little cutie hop around!

13. This fuzzy boy is too cute to bee-lieve!

14. Butterflies usually get all the attention, but this tiny, fuzzy moth deserves just as much love!

15. We never knew we wanted to have a baby chameleon party until this moment.

Every single one of these animals is heart-meltingly adorable when they’re at their normal size, but there’s just something about them being tiny enough to fit in the palm of a hand or on a singular finger that makes them all the more precious! Which one do you wish you could hold?

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