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15 Adorably Whimsical Cat Sculptures That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Sakura Hanafusa

What’s better than super-cute cat sculptures? Tiny ones, of course!

Japanese sculptor Sakura Hanafusa has been creating whimsical cat sculptures since 2016. She got started making these adorable creations as a graduation project from her art school. Since then, she’s gained popularity as an artist and has even displayed her work in an exhibit traveling around Japan.

1. “High Seven” was Sakura’s first series. Each of the cats has one paw raised in the air. Viewers were expected to give the cats a high five to make the art interactive.

2. On Twitter, Sakura said she “wanted to make a piece that people not only looked at and enjoyed, but could have fun interacting with.”

3. The sculptures are made buy whittling camphor. She then paints them each by hand using oil paints.

4. Sometimes she places cat faces onto unexpected items, like fruit or vegetable sculptures.

5. In other works, the cats are carrying fruits and veggies. Sometimes they’re popping out to say, “hi!”

6. Each sculpture is unique, right down to the playful facial expressions.

7. Sakura models those facial expressions after her family’s 6 cats.

8. We love the variety of poses, colors, and breeds!

9. Cats wearing costumes? We’re here for it!

10. We want to buy one in every color.

11. You can purchase Sakura’s work on her website. We think they’d make great gifts.

12. Just look at this happy orange tabby!

13. If high fives aren’t your thing, how about a fist bump instead?

14. This artist’s creativity knows no bounds.

15. While most of her creations are tiny, she also makes larger versions to sit on shelves or porches.

New favorite artist alert! Sakura Hanafusa really has a knack for capturing the personalities and quirkiness of each feline she meets.

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