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15 Spectacular DIY Fails Where Common Sense Clearly Didn’t Make The To-Do List

terrible craft fails

We’d never try to hamper anyone’s creativity, but not all DIY projects are created equally.

On Reddit, handmade arts and crafts projects that go a little (or a lot!) sideways are chronicled on the popular “DiWHY” subreddit. Here you’ll find a wide selection of outrageous and downright inexplicable works of human ingenuity, from terrifying rag dolls to cringeworthy beauty products. One quick glance through these offerings makes us even more grateful for those talented crafters who make DIY look easy!

1. Listen up, people: Some things aren’t meant to hang from your ears. A fake ear is one of them.

2. “And that’s how I choked on a faux pearl while eating a cookie.”

3. Harry Potter, except incredibly creepy in every possible way. (Yes, those are real teeth. Shudder!)

4. We hope someone helps this man out. Not us, but someone.

5. Would we wear a wedding dress made out of adult diapers? We guess it depends.

6. This looks completely hygienic. No concerns here!

7. Or you could reuse that old door as, well… a door? Just a thought!

8. They didn’t even have to get “fancy” with the paint job. What’s wrong with a nice solid beige?

9. They might not smell, but they’re definitely going to turn some pretty colors by next Christmas.

10. And here we’ve been throwing out that valuable dryer lint all this time…

11. It’s all well and good until the airbags deploy.

12. As bibliophiles, this makes us irrationally angry.

13. Swing on by and have some lunch.

14. Just what you wanted! Earrings made out of cow tags. You look moo-valous!

15. “We’ll take ‘Things That Shouldn’t Exist’ for $1,000, Alex.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling a lot better about our own crafting skills! Best of luck to all these hopeful DiWHY-ers in their future endeavors. Creativity is something to be celebrated, so never give up!

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