15 Secret Spaces So Perfectly Designed They Could Win Hide-And-Seek Every Time

secret passageways inside people's homes

Introverts and homebodies, we have the perfect idea for your next home improvement project!

The very idea of a secret passageway, room, or compartment sparks our imagination. We’ve seen them on television and read about them in books, but it’s rare to find an actual hidden space in the real world. Yet, according to Reddit, they do exist, and they’re more common than you might think.

1. Reddit has two forums where people share their hidden spaces. They are called r/secretcompartments and r/hiddenrooms.

2. Sometimes these hidden zones are simple, like a built-in bookshelf with a secret storage area behind the wall.

white cabinet built into the wall

3. Others are much more intricate, like this whole office hidden behind a bookshelf and accessed by a secret lever.

4. Some people build their own spaces, like this man who made a secret pocket door for his office space.

5. Other people discover hidden areas when they move into a new house. This hidden coat closet is actually quite handy!

6. Who wants to look at ugly workout equipment if you don’t have to?

7. Who would have ever thought there’s an entire secret room hidden under this bathroom sink? Not us!

8. There’s no space too small to be turned into a hidden room. This guy created a secret man cave under his staircase.

9. We don’t even care where this spiral staircase goes! It’s that cool.

10. This isn’t a man cave; it’s a palace!

11. Every bookworm wants this hidden library and reading room. No exceptions.

12. We’re never going to look at a floor-to-ceiling bookcase the same way!

13. We don’t know how they made this patio with hidden built-in table and benches, but it’s absolutely incredible.

14. That’s no ordinary Coke machine!

15. We have always wanted a secret videogame arcade, especially if it’s hidden behind a wall!

We would literally never leave the house if we had these secret spaces! People can be so creative, it blows our minds.

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