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15 Relatable Tweets from Parents Who Might Be Ready for School To Start

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Summertime is the perfect season for family time. Weekend adventures, late bedtimes, visits with the in-laws. A lot of amazing memories are made during childhood summers. But parenting in the summer is no vacation. As we all know: sometimes, mommy and daddy just need a moment away to recover. If you’re in that boat, take a second to share the struggle with these parents who are also losing their minds.

Parenthood is beautiful, but children are absurd!

1. Follow Your Dreams, Unless…

Raising a little explorer is the goal, but at what cost?

2. Group Therapy.

We’re supposed to be feeling our feelings, right? At least we have that covered.

3. Priorities.

Go for the gold, we tell them. What about when the gold is the candy?

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