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15 Astonishing Weather Phenomena That Will Blow Your Mind

Weather events can be intimidating, especially ones that are rare or almost impossible to explain.

Still, some are so insanely cool that we have to try to wrap our minds around them. We’ve gathered 15 of our favorites to share with you below!

1. Lightning is common, but every once in a while, a strange phenomenon occurs called “ball lightning.” Even scientists can’t quite figure it out!

2. A Brocken spectre occurs on misty mountainsides. It causes the observer’s shadow to be magnified and gives them a colorful halo.

3. Morning glory clouds are rare and absolutely breathtaking! This one near Lake Michigan formed just in time for these stunned beachgoers to capture it.

4. Dust devils tend to be small and weak, but sometimes they can grow stunningly large – like this one!

5. What do you get when lightning strikes an electric fence? A beautiful light show! A Georgian woman discovered this amazing moment on her backyard camera.

6. The people of Warsaw, Poland, couldn’t get over these mammatus clouds – understandably so! These bizarre sky bubbles look like they’re from a movie.

7. This massive waterspout, located about 2 miles from shore, stuck around longer than people expected.

8. This time-lapse video of a bubble freezing on snow has us speechless!

9. A man in Buenos Aires was able to capture the terrifyingly awesome sight of four tornados happening at once.

10. These frost flowers from the Arctic and Antarctic seas create such lovely images!

11. You’ve seen a dust devil and a waterspout, but have you ever seen… a lava tornado? This incredibly cool video taken in Iceland shows just that.

12. This time-lapse video of a lenticular cloud in Spain looks like a flying saucer!

13. Oklahoma produces some of the strongest storms, including sprite storms. The one captured below features gorgeous flashes of red!

14. A hole in a cloud might not sound like much, but this rare occurrence, called a fallstreak hole, is quite extraordinary.

15. It’s fun to look for shapes in the clouds, but few are as obvious as these waves in Alabama.

Wow! We’re absolutely blown away by the mystery and beauty of nature. Which one was your favorite?

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