15 Random Bodega Cats Who Made Themselves Right At Home

Cats who live inside a bodega

There’s a bodega located on just about every street corner in New York City, and many of them have a resident cat.


These small, locally-owned grocery and supply shops are a major convenience for the people who live nearby. It’s not uncommon to get to know the people who frequent the shop, although sometimes those locals are actually felines. Many shopkeepers take in stray cats, and before they know it, the kitties are running the place! See for yourself in the list below!

1. The Instagram page “Bodega Cats” features nothing but cats spotted at shops in New York City.

2. They have more than 356,000 followers so far!

3. People share the cutest pictures of cats who live in and around bodegas.

4. Sometimes shopkeepers feed strays and let them live inside the store.

5. The cats keep away pests in return. Plus, they’re adorable!

6. Look at this fellow who’s helping tidy the cupboards!

7. And this guy, keeping the hot sauce, well, hot.

8. No throw rug? No problem!

9. With company like this, we’d never want to shop anywhere else!

10. Don’t even think about trying to shoplift while this cat is around.

11. You just never know when or where one of these charming bodega cats will turn up.

12. They manage to squeeze into the smallest, strangest places.

13. He’s strictly enforcing the “limit one bag per customer” rule.

14. Cats really do make everything better, even shopping for snacks and groceries.

15. Bodega cats really are all that – and a bag of chips!

OK, who else has a new favorite Instagram page to follow? The only thing better than meeting bodega cats in real life is seeing their pictures online. We’ll take what we can get!

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