15 Pooped Pups Who Have Mastered The Art Of Sleeping Anywhere

If you live with a dog or two, you most likely have a few pictures of them sleeping on your camera roll.


There’s just something hilarious about the way canines let it all hang out when they’re asleep. Their tongues loll, their eyes roll back, and they seem to become completely boneless. It’s adorable, which is why so many people have been sharing photos of their exhausted pups online for the “Sleeping Dog Challenge.”

1. We’ve never been this tired. Ever.

2. Just look at this little nugget! His owner said he’s still a puppy, so soon he will be “bun length.”

3. Home is the only place where you can really relax.

4. Looks like he was reaching for a toy before nodding off.

5. Bruno’s first day in his new home. Looks like things went well!

6. Who planted all of these puppy seeds in the garden?

7. Notice she crosses her ankles like a true lady.

8. Zuko loves his cat Samara, but don’t tell anyone.

9. Somebody turn the heat down because it looks like the dog is melting.

10. “Anyone who knows us has seen this photo no less than 100 times.”

11. Hello, are you my spirit animal?

12. On second thought, nah. This is the pup who really “gets” us.

13. Three foster Great Danes on a couch = a foster fail waiting to happen.

14. We see your three Great Danes and raise you three sleepy dachshunds!

15. Is that shag carpet breathing?

What’s the point of even having a dog if you don’t take silly pictures of them from time to time? The good news is, they don’t mind at all because… well, they’re asleep!

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