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15 Precious Dogs Who Will Always Be Puppies At Heart

A two-photo collage. The first shows a golden retriever happily smiling with her tongue out as she lays in a wheelbarrow. The second photo shows a smiling dog sitting with her eyes closed and mouth open on a canoe with trees and a large mountain in the distance.

No matter how old some folks get, they’ll always be a kid at heart. This applies to humans, of course, but it’s also just as true for our four-legged friends. Sure, they might not be able to run around quite like they used to and need a bit of extra help, but there’s still a sparkle in their eyes that’s been there since they were a puppy.

Older dogs don’t always get the love they deserve. So we’d like to take a moment to appreciate some of the most adorable ones on Reddit. Some of them have been around for two decades, but the joy they have for life hasn’t diminished one bit.

1. “The older she gets, the happier she is.”

Close up of a large, fluffy grey and white dog smiling.

She has the best smile!

2. “Our senior girl Ariel :)”

A brown dog with puppy eyes looks up and smiles as she wears a pink flower crown.

The flower crown brings out her eyes.

3. “Thirteen-year-old blue merle collie still giving those puppy dog eyes.”

A white dog with black markings gives the person taking the photo puppy eyes.

He looks like he has the sweetest heart.

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