15 “Poorly Drawn” Yet Endearing Pet Pics That Are Helping Support Shelter Animals

Poorly Drawn cat picture sketched For Charity

Animal shelters raise much-needed cash to help pets without homes through clever fundraisers, and this one might be our favorite!

Coulee Region Humane Society in Onalaska, Wisconsin holds an annual Facebook event called the “(Poorly) Drawn Pets Fundraiser.” Animal lovers who submit a photo of their pet will receive a sketch of their fur baby for the low price of a $20 donation. All funds will directly benefit animals in and around Coulee.

1. The shelter doesn’t promise the sketches will be good, mind you. In fact, they promise that they won’t be.

2. The fact that these pictures are poorly drawn makes them all the better, if you ask us.

3. “We aren’t guaranteeing professional works of art here, but they sure will be priceless!” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

4. Some of the drawings are better than others, but all of them are priceless.

5. They really capture the pets’ essence, don’t you think?

6. We especially love the ones that add a creative flair, like this cat’s tuna-inspired dreams.

7. Hundreds of people have submitted their photos, which is great news for the animals who benefit from the fundraiser.

8. Have we mentioned that they really nail some of these drawings?

9. “Our dedicated ‘art department’ will get right to work scribbling your ‘masterpiece,'” the shelter promises.

10. You can tell these artists really put a lot of work into their sketches. (Okay, we’re totally joking! For most of them, anyway.)

11. Be careful what you leave in the background, or it will become part of the art.

12. Have you ever seen such a nice picture of a chihuahua in a banana boat? We sure haven’t.

13. All pets are welcome here, not just dogs and cats. Challenge accepted!

14. Wow, this one got the whole Andy Warhol treatment.

15. And last but not least… this one might give us nightmares!

We’ve got to say, some of these sketches are more impressive than we would have thought! Others… not so much. We’re looking at you, Sharpie Chihuahua!

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