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As If You Needed Another Reason To Love Disney Movies, 15 Pieces Of Advice From Our Favorite Films.

lion king grumpy cat hybrid

Disney movies are always reliable at making us smile and laugh and cry. They become instant classics and tell us unique, inspiring, and sometimes irrational stories, but they always offer us a piece of magic. Here’s advice from 15 of the best Disney movies of all time.

1. The Lion King

You can honor someone’s memory by doing something greater than yourself.

tumon pumba
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Rebloggy

simba reflection

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Phil Geist

2. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty is only skin deep so don’t judge a book by its cover. But read, read a lot.

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Fanpop
beauty loves beast
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Fanpop

3. Aladdin

Your background shouldn’t determine your future (& everyone’s life would be better with a friend like Genie).

aladdin genie jasmine

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Aladdin Central
you'll always be a prince to me
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Pinterest

4. Frozen

Love comes in different forms…and the love between sisters is like nothing else!

Sidenote: don’t agree to marry someone you just met.

frozen sisters
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Disney

5. Snow White

Being kind to strangers leads to new friendships and as a result, they can help you during a crisis.

snow white meme

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Likes
snow white and the seven dwarfs
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Wikia

6. Cinderella

Attitude is everything. Make the best of your situation and always keep a positive outlook–playing the victim card only hurts yourself.

cinderella cleaning

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Naturally Loriel
cinderella and prince
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Disney

7. Tangled

Going outside your comfort zone and conquering your fears is a good thing.


Walt Disney Pictures/ via Deviant Art

rapunzel outside

Walt Disney Pictures/ via F Wallpapers

8. Toy Story

The unknown scares us and makes us uncomfortable, but conquering that insecurity is what will bring you to great opportunities in life. Teamwork is key and will take you to infinity and beyond. (Cliché, but true.)

buzz and woody
 Walt Disney Pictures/ via Youtube

9. Mulan

Don’t be afraid to break tradition. Mulan showed everyone that heroes are often formed by breaking the mold and pushing your limits. It also helps to be really good at impersonations.

kickin butt

 Walt Disney Pictures/ via Get Cartoon Wallpaper

10. Pinocchio

Honesty is the best policy. Listen to your conscience, aka your gut.

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Amazon

11. Dumbo

What makes you different can make you exceptional.

dumbo flying

Walt Disney Pictures/ via Full Movie Youtube

12. Alice in Wonderland

Reality is what you make it, and nobody can control your imagination. Also, don’t eat strange foods or drinks.

alice in wonderland
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Poe Forward

13. Peter Pan

Keep your kindred spirit alive!

peter pan and the lost boys
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Once Upon A Reality Productions

14. Pocahontas

Embrace differences. Staying in your norm can lead to a stifled life and missed opportunities.

poca and john smith
Walt Disney Pictures/ via Fanpop

15. Lilo and Stitch

Family is everything, and sometimes you get to choose who becomes a part of your clan (adoption, marriage, friendship, etc.). In this case, unlikely friendships result in adorable dance moves.


Walt Disney Pictures/ via IGN

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