15 Picky Eaters Who Refuse To Eat Anything Their Parents Dish Out

“Open wide for a surprise!” is just one of the many ways parents try to get children to eat their vegetables — or sometimes just to eat at all. One mom shared a recent experience with her toddler on social media and dozens of parents chimed in sharing their tales with picky eaters too.

Writer Lucy Huber tweeted about her 2-year-old son refusing to eat a dinner (one he planned, by the way) and inspired the sharing session.

1. Vegetables are NOT meant to be eaten!

2. Apparently there’s more than one way to cut a sandwich.

3. Strawberries are nice to pick, but that’s all.

4. The details of a ham and cheese order are important.

5. Hungry enough to eat a cricket?

6. One never forgets their first sweet potato.

7. Nothing beats Mom’s recipe.

8. Clear communication is everything, especially for a toddler.

9. Fact: Grapes are no longer grapes once they’re sliced.

10. Take caution when peeling your bananas.

11. This experience gave us a laugh. The logic is superb.

12. Trends are fun until they’re not anymore.

tweet by Some Mouthy Broad: Mine watched the adorable viral video with the “It’s Corn!” Kid, decided he too must eat corn, which required a trip to the store, prep work, cooking and then upon putting it on his plate, it was declared “oh no, I don’t eat this”.

13. Pancakes without frosting are just not pancakes.

14. Note to Self: Liking zucchini and eating zucchini are two very different things.

15. Everything tastes better in a cone. Yes, even veggies.

tweet by Barb Drummond: My brother used to be given ice cream if he finished his dinner. Was given in cone from box so when he’d eaten enough he wd reach for box. Mother tricked him one day by filling cone with mashed vegetables he’d refused. Scoffed 1/2 of it before he noticed.

We’d be willing to bet these parents are more than a little exhausted and bewildered. Hey, in a few years they’ll have something to laugh about!

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