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15 Photos That Prove Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Nature has a funny way of repeating itself, especially for those of us with an open mind!

Even Charles Darwin posited that certain patterns, lines, and shapes repeat on animals, sea creatures, trees, sand, and the sky. When these repeating patterns are captured on film, an ordinary picture of a match stick or a frozen car windshield is transformed into a tiny mic stand or a stunning arctic landscape. All it takes is a little imagination.

1. This is not a photo of a tiny boat approaching a massive iceberg, it’s actually just a frozen-over car windshield.

2. Will the world’s tiniest singer please take the stage? Her microphone is ready!

3. This woman was just driving along when the sky suddenly turned into a tumultuous seascape.

4. Proud papa cat poses next to his babies, fresh from the oven!

5. They didn’t expect to create a tiny cityscape when they cut down this tree, but here we are.

6. An aerial view of these Chinese rice fields looks like a piece of stained glass artwork.

7. That’s not a giant bird feather, it’s just a patch of ice. Fooled us!

8. The base of this deer’s antlers looks like cat paws giving him a soothing head massage.

9. An ordinary picture of dog taken through a window screen makes this image look like an oil painting hanging in a museum.

10. The dust stuck to these black suede roller skates looks like an X-ray of a foot.

11. Is that a rainbow or a distant planet?

12.  Speaking of other planets, have you ever seen a galaxy nestled into a glass of wine? (No, it’s not Photoshop! Just dust in the glass.)

13. This chunk of rock looks good enough to eat.

14. Is this the Olympic torch or just a chunk of driftwood?

15. A tiny pine forest appeared on the side of this truck. Turns out it was just mud!

Isn’t it fascinating when nature’s patterns appear out of nowhere like this? It does help to have a creative eye, but some of these resemblances are too good to be coincidental!

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