15 Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change

two collages with two photos each. the first photo in the first collage shows a woman making a kissy face at the small puppy she's holding in the air. the second photo is of that same woman, eight years later, posing in a baseball stadium with that same dog. they're wearing matching gray baseball caps. the first photo in the second collage is of a man smiling as he holds his little boy in his arms. behind them is a scenic view of florence, italy. the second photo is of the same man with his little boy who is now 10 years later. they're recreating the pose from before and are in the same location in florence.

As we’ve shown in previous articles, time changes everything… well, almost everything.

Turns out, there’s some elements in life that will always stay the same, at least in ways that matter the most. And the best way to observe these changes is through photographs both new and old – like the ones we’ve gathered for you below! So keep scrolling to go on yet another beautiful journey through time.

1. “My grandparents in the 1960s newly married and in 2020 60 years later.”

2. “Me and my Fafá, 29 years apart. We’re both turning 31 on Sunday.”

3. “2006-2016 pictured. Today is our 15th/5 year anniversary. Been apart for the last year, home soon.”

4. “Me (left) and my son (right) wearing the same lederhosen outfit 30 years apart.”

5. “Here’s another Prom vs Wedding for you guys. Same location, 3 years apart.”

6. “My mom sent me an old pic of me when I was 7. Reminded me of one taken a couple years ago. 26 years apart, still love grilling hot dogs!”

7. “My granny’s cat and I, 16 years apart!”

8. “Then and now (8 years in the making)”

9. “Back in Florence, 10 years later. My boy will be taller than me soon.”

10. “30 years apart at my Grandma’s house.”

11. “Left: our 1977 wedding, in the dress and shirt I sewed for the occasion and 3 years before the devastating diagnosis. Right: at our daughter’s wedding after I survived. (2014)”

12. “14 years apart.”

13. “My wife and her Pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper.”

14. “Dad holding me circa 1987. Me holding my son 2020.”

15. “I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

Through the magic of photography, we’re able to capture special moments before they become memories. But even the ones that aren’t photographed remain in our hearts, no matter how long ago they happened. Because even though loved ones get older and children become adults, through all of life’s changes, the love we share remains the same.

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