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15 Times This Dog’s Eerily-Human Facial Expressions Made Us LOL

Bacon the dog making very human facial expressions

Bacon the rescue dog is part-Pekingese, part-dachshund, part-Chihuahua, and part-Shih-tzu.

As far as dog breeds go, he’s more of an “everything bagel” than a plain one! His personality is just as eclectic and expressive as his pedigree, and the best part is that everything he’s thinking shows up plain as day right on his adorable, bearded little face.

1. Bacon was found wandering the streets and picked up by animal control. Guardian Angel Dog Rescue later saved him from doggy death row.

2. “He was actually adopted out twice, and returned, before we got our hands on him,” said his new owner, Meg. “Third time was the charm.”

3. Meg said it was love at first sight, and she “fell in love as he waddled down the driveway.”

4. Bacon had some behavioral issues after living on the streets, but his new family brought him to a trainer who helped get him used to his new life in Tampa, Florida.

5. Meg says Bacon’s behavior is “literally night and day” from when he first arrived at home.

6. “As we worked on his training, his real personality was unleashed,” Meg went on. “He is a goofy, treat-loving dog who loves to snuggle and go on walks.”

7. Meg is so amused by Bacon’s myriad facial expressions that she started an Instagram for him.

8. “People love to say that he looks like different celebrities,” she said. “My personal favorite comparisons are: Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy, Mark Hamill, and Peter Dinklage.”

9. So far, more than 24,000 people have followed Bacon’s Instagram page.

10. We’re sure more will follow once they get a load of this incredible face!

11. Bacon has the opposite of a poker face; whatever he’s thinking is written all over him!

12. Honestly, a face like this doesn’t come along everyday. This is one special mix of pure sass (and a lot of dog breeds!).

13. If we lived with this dog, we’d spend every minute taking his picture. Wouldn’t you?

14. Bacon’s is a great “rags-to-riches” story, and Meg says she’s in awe of how much her little guy brightens people’s days.

15. “I would say the best part is how much he makes people laugh. To think a little abandoned meanie like him has made so many people smile is amazing.”

What’s your favorite Bacon face? We love any picture that features that precious scraggly beard of his!

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