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15 Pets Who Only Have Eyes For Their Favorite Human

Our pets may not have the ability to tell us they love us, but they don’t need to – their eyes do all the talking!

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a cat’s or dog’s loving gaze, you know how it feels to be the most special person in the world. The pet parents below can certainly relate; their furry friends only have eyes for them! If it were up to these fur babies, they would spend every second staring into their favorite human’s soul.

1. Daddy’s girl, much?

2. “Adopted this lil guy a few weeks ago, he was the last of his litter adopted because he was so shy. Now he won’t leave me alone!”

3. The goodest boi and bestest man!

4. “I call it ‘Mutual Mirin.'”

5. “Stepdad was adamant that we weren’t getting a dog. He still calls her a gremlin, but I think their love is pretty mutual.”

6. “He turns me into a puddle every day.”

7. “Tell me again about the day you brought me home.”

8. “Lolita’s first night at home!”

9. “How she looks at my husband.” Ahem, her husband!

10. When you and your BFF go on a selfie spree.

11. “One time I got the rare double mire.”

12. We’re not sure who’s more in love here!

13. Talk about puppy love!

14. “Princess Betty and I had almost 16 years of loving gazes but this is my favorite.”

15. “Just rescued my baby girl from being put down a month ago! Most loving dog I’ve ever known.”

We’d lock eyes with any of these cuties in a heartbeat! There are many ways to express love, but these adorable gazes have to be the sweetest we’ve ever seen.

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