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15 Pets’ Boo-tiful Halloween Costumes

guinea pig in dragon costume next to black cat as sunflower

There’s nothing cuter than kids in their Halloween costumes… except for maybe pets in Halloween costumes.

These adorable animals look perfectly boo-tiful in their outfits, and we’re sure they will get all the treats on the spookiest day of the year.

1. We’re pretty sure the extra legs mean this kitty is good luck.

2. “Our Halloween costume this year. Me as Zuko, my cat Cashew as Aang.”

3. This is the fluffiest roll of toilet paper we’ve ever seen.

4. Juju the guinea pig is an awfully good sport.

5. We didn’t realize they made dragons this small!

6. Honestly, this is what Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have wanted.

7. This little magical bunny has a whole costume wardrobe.

8. “No longer just a familiar, Eve is now a full blown witch. Just in time for the season!”

9. This little piggy looks like it’s ready to drop some sick dance moves.

10. This cat doesn’t look completely enthused about being a ray of sunshine.

11. This kitten’s cuteness is driving us batty!

12. Anyone who doesn’t like this rat is a little bit chicken.

13. Listen, even camels like being festive every once in a while.

14. The cuddliest cacti we’ve ever seen!

15. This dog is dressed as his worst enemy!

We’re so grateful that these pets’ humans decided to share their adorable costumes with us!

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