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15 Times People With Disabilities Won Halloween With Their Perfect Costumes

little girl dressed as a zombie and sitting in a wheelchair designed to look like she's coming out of a grave and woman with an amputated arm using a skeleton arm in place of her real arm while dressed like a prom queen

There’s no such thing as the perfect Halloween costume… or is there?

Having a disability comes with a lot of challenges, but everyone is so much more than what they are able to do. When it comes to Halloween costumes, these creative people came up with some of the best outfits we’ve ever seen. We gathered some of our favorites from across social media for you to appreciate below!

1. “This girl in my town has spinal muscular atrophy, and her parents made her a Cinderella carriage around her wheelchair.”

2. “Our first Halloween costume as a married couple.”

3. If you’ve ever seen a Pixar movie, especially as a kid, then get ready to be hit with a massive wave of nostalgia.

4. “My friend and I are both in wheelchairs so we did a Mario Kart group costume this Halloween.”

5. “It’s my first Halloween as a double below the knee amputee and my husband and I went as Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan!”

6. “Can your friends do this?”

7. “My son is 4 with cerebral palsy. Every year my amazing wife builds him a costume to go on his wheelchair. He’s been obsessed with Polar Express so this year he went as a train engineer.”

8. “Brandon’s dad turned his wheelchair into a TIE Fighter for Halloween.”

9. This epic costume would definitely get T’Challa’s approval. Wakanda forever!

10. “When life hands you lemons, make awesome Halloween costumes.”

11. “My son is in a wheelchair. I turned it into BB8 and took him to Hollywood Studios. Here is the BB8Chair Build.”

12. Oh snap!

13. “Last year I did several Halloween costumes and this is one I somehow never ended up posting! And it’s honestly one of my favorites. I want to wear my skeleton hand around all the time!”

14. “Wheelchair zombie escaping the grave costume I made for my daughter.”

15. We could never be as cool as this kid.

little boy dressed as jack sparrow and sitting in a wheelchair designed to look like a pirate ship

Halloween provides us with a fun opportunity to pretend to be someone else, but these creative people found a way to embrace who they are at the same time. That is, without a doubt, the coolest thing about every single one of these costumes. Which one was your favorite?

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