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15 People Who Honored Their Loved Ones With The Most Beautiful Tattoos

meaningful tattoos

Tattoos are sometimes the perfect way to display the permanence of love.

Whether you’re celebrating the love of a family member, pet, or even yourself after a lifetime of struggling with self-worth, getting some ink is a fun way of showing the world what matters most. Here are some incredibly sweet and moving tattoo tributes that touch our hearts.

1. Their 9-year-old son drew this epic Marvel tattoo that simply had to be commemorated for all time.

2. Single dad celebrates winning custody of his two sons by getting audio wave tattoos of each of them saying, “Daddy, I love you.”

3. “My dad unexpectedly passed in October. My tattoo tribute to him has finally healed.”

4. Two sisters got matching tattoos to commemorate their 14-year-old family dog, Meg.

5. Beating cancer is definitely tatt-worthy!

6. Tired of looking at the big scar on her thigh, this woman turned it into a cheerful spring scene.

7. Her “bird-obsessed” best friend passed away in 2020, so she got this adorable chickadee to keep her close.

8. His four-year-old son drew a picture of them, so dad preserved it forever.

9.  This man designed a meaningful music design in 8th grade. Five years later, he finally got it tattooed.

10. Snoopy’s “happy dance” is the perfect way to show the world that you’ve overcome your depression!

11. This chef got a fun “Cinderella” inspired tattoo in memory of mom, who loved the famous fairy tale. 

12. Self-harm scars are no match for this Monty Python-themed tat.

13. The two baby elephants represent her two sons.

14.  Looking at this bird tattoo keeps the memory of her grandmother with her all day, every day.

15. “I got a tattoo of my nana’s handwriting. It’s been a few months and it still doesn’t feel real, but now I can look down and know she’s with me.”

What a beautiful way to pay lasting tribute to the many loves in our lives. We’re especially proud of the people who have overcome obstacles to find self love!

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