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15 People Who Chopped Off Their Hair To Support Cancer Patients

Generally speaking, it takes about two months to grow just 1 inch of hair on your head.

The people in the pictures below have been growing their hair out for months, sometimes even years, in hopes of donating their locks to organizations that make wigs for those who have medically-related hair loss. Their generous gifts mean so much to cancer patients around the world!

1. “Giving something for a donation is not plainly about giving, and the happiness behind it but is all about making a difference.”

2. “Today I proudly watched my 19-year-old son cut off his hair for those who have lost theirs from cancer. It took 2.5 years to grow the 32-cm (about 1 foot) plaits.”

3. “My husband donated 17 years’ worth of hair growth today to the Little Princess Trust.”

4. “This little 2-year-old boy is donating his curly locks to the Little Princess Trust because he knows other children need it more than him.”

5. “I’ve been growing out my hair for three years after I first heard you can give them to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Today was the day to cut them all off, send them in, and start over again.”

6. This woman celebrated the end of 2020 by donating her quarantine hair… and she got her first COVID vaccine on the same day!

7. Daughter donates her hair to help people like her mom, who is battling leukemia.

8. “Before and after donating 28 inches.”

9. “Jaws fell in the salon when she went short, chopping off her luscious, healthy long hair. But for a good cause, she wanted to donate it for people who need it more.”

10. “Did the thing! 28 inches going to Angel Hair for Kids.”

11. “Today I did something I’m really proud of, I donated my hair!”

12. “My 8yo daughter has been growing her hair for nearly two years to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer kids that cannot afford them. Today was the day she had it cut.”

13. “Had a pixie cut, grew out my hair for seven years to get to about 20-something inches. Stepmom passed of cancer and I cut it all off to donate in her memory.”

14. “I donated 1.5ft of hair to Locks of Love, and I’m loving my new hairdo!”

15. “Donated my hair today.”

These compassionate people are all so beautiful with or without their long locks! True beauty starts on the inside, after all.

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