15 People Who Discovered Beautiful Reminders That Their Late Parents Adored Them

Melissa Miller tweet about father

We often don’t realize how other people feel about us until it’s too late. This is especially true of parents who tend to watch our lives from the sidelines, cheering us on from afar.

Melissa Miller is a clinical psychology Ph.D. candidate at Auburn University in Alabama. One day, she made an incredible discovery and tweeted a picture of a notebook she found in her dad’s belongings after he died.

Melissa Miller viral tweet about her father

The photo shows her dad’s handwritten notes as he tried his hardest to understand the process of obtaining a doctorate. Even though he didn’t quite comprehend her methods, he made the effort. The notes left Melissa in tears, and after she shared her post, many Twitter users were overcome by emotions and memories of their own parents.

Soon, thousands of replies poured in. Melissa’s post clearly touched a nerve, and people wanted to share their own stories of quiet parental support.

1. “I was working on a masters in humanities when my dad died. I found notes like these all over his house. He was trying to read the same things I was reading.”

2. “I lost mine a month ago too, one of his last text messages to me was, ‘Ezgi, your mom told me that you found manganese.’ Well that wasn’t my research at all, but this was what he understood from my lab stories. He never got to see me getting MSC degree, I dedicated my thesis to him.”

3. He always made sure he could reach his daughter.

4. We always miss the small stuff.

5. “I’m crying thinking how my dad always asked for copies of my papers from grad school so he could read them whenever he wanted. He died in 2016 and the last card I got from him was Valentine’s Day a month prior, his signature from the card is now this tattoo.”

6. There are many different kinds of intelligence.

7. A promise fulfilled.

8. It’s the thought that counts.

9. He was so proud of her!

10. “Reminds me of this journal entry we found after my grandpa passed away.”

11. He hid his true feelings.

12. Anything to be close to his daughter.

13. His kids were his pride and joy.

14. “I was always asking my Dad about WW2 and he’d avoid my questions, most of his generation didn’t talk about the war. After he died I found a copy of ‘The Longest Day’ that he made notes for me in. Love ya Dad. I’ll never forget.”

15. OK, now we’re bawling!

It just goes to show you, there’s no time to tell people how you feel like the present! Tell your kids you’re proud of them today and watch how they blossom!

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