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15 People Confide The Silliest Things They Grew Up Believing

tweet says Did anyone else grow up thinking a tunnel of love was gonna be a more significant part of their young dating experience?

Kids say, and believe, the darndest things.

Most kids have preconceived notions about how the world works that they picked up from movies, cartoons, and pop culture in general. It isn’t until we’re older that we realize how silly some of these beliefs were! On Twitter, people are sharing their “did anyone else grow up thinking” moments, and we’re embarrassed to say we relate to more than a few.

1. When only the finest dining will do!

2. We were “today years old” when we found out this isn’t really dangerous.

3. Television made it seem like there was quicksand around every corner.

4. We blame Looney Tunes for this one. We’re looking at you, “Tom & Jerry!”

5. You mean they’re not?! You’re hanging in the wrong crowd.

6. Whatever happened to that, anyway? Seems like you never hear about it anymore.

7. Move over, educated meteorologists! This looks like a job for a marmot.

8. Don’t feel weird! We may or may not be right there with you.

9. That’s how they always did it on T.V.!

10. Then we found they can smell a little funky. You don’t want to know what’s in that water!

11. You mean… it’s not?

12. In this case, it’s better to be prepared, just in case. Don’t you think?

13. Get out of our brain, Michelle!

14. To be eaten with pinkies delicately extended, of course.

15. Some of us still misspell that word every. single. time we type it.

We wish we didn’t relate to quite so many of these tweets, but so be it! You live, you learn.

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