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15 Parents All Too Grateful To Send Their Kids Back To School

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Ah, back to school! It’s a magical time for the students in our life, but there’s another contingent who can’t wait to see those big yellow school busses carrying kids off to school: parents!

Parents may not always admit it, but they look forward to sending their kids back to school at the end of every summer. It’s a return to normalcy and routine, for starters. For another thing, have you ever spent all day with your school-age kids? Brutal! (We joke, of course!) Read on to hear the thoughts of 15 parents who have been there, done that, and have the crowded email inbox to prove it.

1. The flashbacks starts to kick in right about August 1st.

2. He’s playing our favorite song!

3. It takes some time to adjust to being on your own again.

4. This is easily the most annoying aspect of filling out paperwork.

5. Most of them were gone before we left the parking lot.

6. Maybe we can convince them these bottoms were meant to be capris, not pants?

7. Timing is everything… and bedtime is the wrong time.

8. We miss those simpler times, to be honest.

9. Why are there so many?

10. Thanks for giving us a job to do tonight. We love digging through closets….

11. Ouch! The truth hurts.

12. We love tenderly packing a lunch, only to have it return home a mangled, inedible mess.

13. Who knew it was this easy to get on mom’s good side?

14. But did you really miss them?

15. Waste not, want not! It’s the first rule of momming!

Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re not alone? These parents are right there in the trenches with us, so we’re definitely in good company.

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