15 Painting Tutorials To Fuel Creativity And Soothe Your Soul

a painting by youtuber jay lee of a couple walking in the rain and another painting by jay lee that's of a starry night in the forest while camping

If you’ve ever admired a work of art and wondered, “How did someone make that?”then we’d love to introduce you to what might very well become your next favorite YouTube channel.


Jay Lee is such an incredibly talented painting YouTuber that he has nearly 5 million subscribers and several videos with over 15 million views. In each of his videos, he shows viewers how to make stunning paintings, often using unusual items like aluminum, plastic wrap, and iron scrubbers. He currently has over 700 videos to choose from, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. A couple walking through a red-leaved forest in the rain.

2. A white deer with a calming blue backdrop.

3. A girl swinging peacefully from a large tree.

4. A breathtaking starry night camping in the woods.

5. A gorgeous watercolor tree.

6. A silhouette of a dancer in front of the moon.

7. A couple on a romantic date next to a lovely tree.

8. A vibrant pink forest.

9. A person strolling through puddles in a forest.

10. Colorful and trees and their reflections.

11. A man walking his dog through a forest in full bloom.

12. Birds flying skyward from their perch in a red tree.

13. A couple having an adorable moment beneath an umbrella.

14. An awe-inspiring desert complete with cacti.

15. A man standing poised under a tree and holding a bike as he waits for someone.

Anyone else still feeling like they have no idea how Jay was able to paint like that? That’s okay, though, because you’re definitely not alone. No matter your skill level, painting is for everyone, so don’t let fear of being bad at it keep you from giving it a shot!

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