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15 Of The World’s Funniest Animals To Revive Your Soul

annoyed cat giving side-eye and a small black and white dog sitting inside of a small hollow pumpkin

If there’s one thing all animals have in common, it’s this: They’re so darn silly!

If you’ve ever had a fur baby, you already know that to be true, but social media is full of videos that even pet parents can’t get over. There are TONS of these videos online, but only a fraction of them are so hilarious that they went viral. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. Who knew over 5 million people would so deeply resonate with a seal who sounds like a man screaming?

2. We’re loving this cat’s “The Office” inspired side-eye glare into the camera.

3. Look at those cheeks!

4. “You’ve gotta learn to walk past the cat.”

5. One of these adorable pups got into the cat treats while their dad was gone… but who did it?

6. The cat with short legs may be small, but they sure are feisty!

7. That precise moment when the coffee finally kicks in.


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♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

8. We definitely would have been fooled!

9. The only difference between Squirrel Halloween and Human Halloween is that the squirrels go tree to tree for nuts.

10. Looks like someone has taken on the cat motto of, “If I fits, I sits!”


im- 💀 #dogsofttiktok #spookyseason

♬ original sound – Huxley the Panda PuppyðŸ¼ðŸ¶(pandaloon

11. Apparently popcorn doubles as a snack and a personal heater!

12. And it was in that moment that she discovered the wonders of a sugar high.

13. This cat has many, many questions.

14. Few things are tougher than facing the consequences of your own actions.

15. Even cats can be mesmerized by optical illusions!

It’s easy to notice all the ways that humans and animals are different, but it’s videos like these that remind us that despite our differences, deep down, we’re all just a bunch of goofballs. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Which animal was your favorite?

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