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15 Of The Most Hair-Raising Mohawks Worn By An ER Nurse To Make Patients Smile

Thomas "Zach" Zacharias shows off mohawk designs: RN and medical symbol and Pac-Man

Not everybody can pull off a mohawk, but one critical care nurse is crushing it every day of the week!

Thomas “Zach” Zacharias works as an emergency room nurse at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah. When the pandemic hit in 2020, his kids were so bored that he allowed them to shave his head into a mohawk and paint it. When he saw how his patients reacted to his new ‘do, he decided to keep the trend going permanently.

1. Zach says that during the lockdowns, wearing a mask “took away 50%” of his ability to express himself around his patients.

2. “So we went and found another 50% that we could work with,” he explained.

@mohawknurse Follow on instagram #mohawknurse for a new design everyday #mohawk #nurse #er #hairhowto ♬ original sound – MohawkNurse

3. Zach’s kids still do the painting for his hair, which they change every workday.

4. It takes them between 1 and 2 hours to complete each intricate design.

5. So far, they’ve crafted hundreds of designs!

6. They started the Instagram @MohawkNurse to document his ever-changing mohawks.

7. Zach says his hair is a great icebreaker for patients, especially when they’re stressed out.

8. The mohawks give him an instant connection that helps him take better care of people.

@mohawknurse Merry Christmas!! I hope wherever you are and whatever your doing, your safe and happy and near the ones you love.#mohawknurse #mohawk #nurse #er #christmas #christmaslights #hairhowto ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

9. “My patients love the hair; their loved ones loved it, and I think that’s just one of those things that connects us,” he says.

10. His designs range from straight colors to stripes, plus everything in between.

11. He loves to change things up for holidays, seasons, sports events, and other events.

12. He’s got a new look every day!

@mohawknurse I would love to be sitting on the beach instead of in a snowstorm. So my kids gave me one to keep on my mind all day. #mohawk #nurse #er #traumanurse #hairstyles #hairhowto #beach #sunset ♬ original sound – MohawkNurse

13. This is how he welcomed the New Year in 2023!

14. He has even more videos that show the process his kids use to spray paint his hair on TikTok.

@mohawknurse Since all the midwest is covered in snow, we decided to go with penguins today. Why do people love penguins? Because they have never caused an accident by driving irresponsibly in a blizzard. It’s true, we looked it up. I hope everyone stays safe and happy. #mohawk #nurse #er #traumanurse #penguin #penguins #hairhowto #hairstyles ♬ original sound – MohawkNurse

15. He’s definitely in the running for “coolest RN!”

This is one of the most unique ways healthcare workers are making connections with their patients we’ve ever seen. There’s definitely nothing “faux” about these mohawks!

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