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15 Of The Coolest Animals Who Share Our Planet

blue sea dragon next to bird of paradise

In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that the world is full of natural beauty and majesty.

Animals are a big part of what makes the Earth so spectacular! Thanks to the internet, we can now get up close and personal with incredible animal species we may never have noticed before.

1. Here’s the Iberian lynx, one of the rarest wild cats on Earth.

2. “The adult male narwhal is an absolutely unmistakable animal. With its long tusk, it is like no other marine mammal in its range or anywhere in the world.”

3. The oarfish is the longest bony fish in the world. The longest confirmed sighting is 35 feet long, though some say they can reach 50 feet in length.

4. Australia and New Guinea are home to the fierce Chlamydosaurus kingii. We would have guessed “Jurassic Park,” to be honest!

5. Say hello to the comma butterfly, if you can find one.

6. Here’s a Choeradodis stalii chilling out in some leaves.

7. Giraffes are just cool. No further explanation needed.

8. This is an incredibly rare melanistic fox. Wow!

9. This is a Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog, which was first spotted in Costa Rica last year.

10. Birders love the colorful birds found in Guatemala.

11. The sand tiger beetle (Cicindela formosa generosa) looks pretty scary up close.

12. New Guinea’s Wilson’s bird of paradise is stunning but elusive.

13. Just a “health-conscious tiger doing push-ups.”

14. Alpaca trio? Don’t mind if we do.

15. The blue sea dragon only lives for one year, but it’s certainly memorable.

We live in such a gorgeous place! Let’s all take a moment to get out and enjoy nature today.

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