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15 Oddly Hilarious Snapshots Of Life Around The World Caught On Google Street View

Shark crashing into building roof and person in frog costume waving, caught on Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, we can take a tour of the globe from the comfort of our homes any time we want.

Google camera cars have been cruising every street on the planet since 2007, snapping candid photos in order to create a 360-degree map of the world. Sometimes, people spot the Google camera cars and try to mess with them; other times, the cameras just happen to capture something strange and inexplicable on their own. Either way, some of the funniest photos on the web have come from from Google Street View shots!

1. Hey this isn’t Gotham! When did Batman move to France?

2. That’s fine for Batman, but Spider-Man seems to prefer life in Japan.

3. Apparently, the witches in Argentina have trouble navigating.

4. Don’t worry… nobody saw you crash your bicycle. (Just kidding, everybody saw!)

5. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a hare?

6. “Found a parking spot, boss!”

7. Meanwhile, there’s an alpaca traffic jam happening in Peru.

8. But that’s nothing compared to a three-legged man in Ontario. (Sometimes those cameras mess up.)

9. This passerby turned into a baguette model, and he doesn’t even know it.

10. This group of people seem to be having a ball!

11. Well, hello there. How’s it going?

12. And you thought you had a rough day. Obviously this poor guy got caught up in one of those famous sharknados.

13. The most perfectly-fitting parking spot that ever was.

14. Spotted in Sweden. Should we, um… call someone?

15. Ah yes, the seldom-seen San Diego seaweed yeti. Fascinating.

You never know what strange things are happening at any given moment! These Google Street View captures remind us how funny people can be when they try to be… and even when they’re not trying!

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