15 Nosy Pets Who Won’t Stay Out Of Their Neighbors’ Business

No matter where you live, the chances are good that at least one of your neighbors is a little too interested in your everyday life. Humans are curious creatures, after all — as are our pets!

As far as the cats and dogs pictured below are concerned, their neighbors’ business is their own. These furry busybodies can’t and won’t resist peeking through the blinds. Luckily, they’re cute enough to get away with it!

From window watchers to fence breakers, here are 15 of the nosiest pets who love nothing more than people-watching.

1. “That new fence definitely isn’t HOA compliant!”

dog looking out blinds

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2. Someone get this poor pup a stool!

dog looking out window

3. The “neighpawhood” watch.

4. “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”

dog looking out window

5. The only thing missing from this picture is a bowl of popcorn.

6. “I cannot believe what I’m seeing right now!”

cat sitting up

7. “You’d better stay off my lawn!”

8. Fences are no match for this furry eavesdropper.

dog looking through fence

9. “Mission: Impawsible — Spy Cat.”

cat hanging on screen

10. When you can’t choose between spying on the neighbors or doing yoga.

11. “Can you believe what Karen is wearing?”

12. “My cat’s still waiting for his husband to return from war.”

13. “Who in the heck decided it was OK to park in MY driveway?”

14. When you hear the neighbors fighting.

15. Nothing gets past this adorable watchdog!

Talk about prying eyes! These pets may not understand the concept of privacy, but we’ll happily keep them around anyway. Nosy as they are, they’re also too darn irresistible!

Share this story with the pet parents in your life to give them a laugh, and tell us about your nosy fur babies in the comments.

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