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15 Mind-Blowing Facts That Are Sure To Soothe Your Soul

With over 7 billion people in the world, there are no doubt countless unbelievable things happening every single day.

We tend to hear a lot about the bad stuff, but there are also tons of things that help remind us of all the good in the world. That’s why, with the help of the Weird Facts, we’d like to share some of our favorite unbelievable stories from their Instagram account with over 1 million followers. Simply scroll down to be amazed!

1. It’s truly remarkable what we’re capable of when we work together.

2. This is what thinking of others looks like.

3. This is the kind of gesture a kid will never forget.


5. Doodlebug deserves all of the happiness.

6. Just when you think Bob Ross couldn’t have been more kind…

7. What incredible progress!

8. His level of selflessness is extraordinary!

9. Dolly Parton never ceases to amaze us.

10. Look at the impact a single person can have!

11. This legit sounds like the plot to an insanely awesome movie.

12. It may have taken some time, but she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves.

13. What an absolute legend!

14. Gordon Ramsay is known for being a harsh critic, but he also has a heart of gold.

15. Because of these brave individuals, countless lives were saved.

It can be easy to focus on all of the negativity in the world, so it’s nice to remember the countless kind people that exist all across the world and of the positive changes happening each and every day.

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