15 Memes That’ll Make You Wish You Never Had To Buy Groceries Again.

A meme where a woman cries about grocery shopping.

If the insane cost of living is getting you down, these spot-on grocery shopping memes might help you smile through the tears. With prices continuously rising, trips to the supermarket can be pretty depressing. We need to be able to laugh about our struggles in order to get through them! That’s why so many people are turning to hilarious memes for comfort.

Of course, let’s be clear: not being able to afford food isn’t funny. However, when we see others joking about the situation, it reminds us that we’re not alone. These relatable memes about grocery store inflation may not fix anything, but they’ll at least make you laugh.

1. Sometimes, you just need a minute first…

A meme with Ben Affleck standing outside smoking.

Grocery shopping is a pretty arduous task, especially when you’re trying to stay within your spending limit. It’s always good to take a few deep breaths before entering the store.

2. Sure, you can shop on a budget, but at what cost?

A meme from "The Office" where Kevin makes a face at broccoli.

Restaurant food might be tastier, but it’s also more expensive. If you want to save money, all you have to sacrifice is deliciousness.

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