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15 Magnificently Absurd Pictures Of Birds With Arms To Make Your Day

a large bird edited to have human arms, one with a hand on its "hip" and the other pointing in the distance and two birds edited to have human arms that are sword fighting

Of all the running jokes on the internet, birds with arms never fails to make us laugh.

In case you’ve never come across these silly images, the concept is pretty simple. Either a photo is edited to make a bird look like it has human arms, or a drawing is made of a bird who, again, has human arms. There’s a whole group dedicated to it on Reddit with 930K members, and it’s full of the best examples of the phenomenon – take a look for yourself below!

1. And the ruling is… it’s a touchdown!

2. We have nothing but admiration for this distinguished gentleman.

3. Do you think his arms ever get tired?

4. Being a business birb isn’t easy, but it’s his calling.

5. “Made this to cheer myself up after a bad day. Very effective, would recommend.”

6. She may look intimidating, but her friends say she’s quite a hoot.

7. You might think she’d play the blues, but she’s actually really into pop music.

8. “I’m fly fishing, okay!”

9. “Long live Rockingbird.”

10. Looks like someone’s in serious trouble…

11. The early bird catches the worm, but the British bird goes for a spot of tea.

12. And it was in that moment that they realized the meeting could have been an email.

13. “Nice day for fishin’ ain’t it.”

14. “I believe I can fllllllyyyyy.”

15. Don’t let him being a hawk fool you – he’s the best sheriff this town has ever seen!

The birds with arms phenomenon is both absurd and hilarious in the best ways possible. Looking at these photos probably won’t solve all of your problems when you’re having a bad day, but it sure is a great way to help turn your frown upside down!

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