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15 Kitty Glow-Ups That Prove Pet Adoption Changes Lives For The Better

Pet adoption really does change lives, and not just for the animals who have been rescued.

Opening your heart and home to a homeless animal can change your whole perspective. If you happen to adopt a pet who’s been abandoned, neglected, or abused, it’s incredibly satisfying to see what love, kindness, medical care, and quality food can do. Check out these feline glow-ups that have us itching to adopt just one more cat!

1. “After about a year and a half after showing up on our porch, Snowball has improved immeasurably. She’s my perfect angel.”

2. “I had to fight my wife to not leave him at the shelter – she was concerned he’d either cost us a ton of money in vet bills or die soon since he was so sickly, turns out he just needed food and kisses.”

3. “Ten months ago I found this little guy abandoned and starving, now he’s a pampered little prince.”

4. “From ‘take me home’ to ‘never let me go.’ We adore our little dude.”

5. “Kira was found almost dead of starvation in a farm with cows. She was healthy in one week and we kept her.”

6. “Hazel was a stray who was rescued after being caught in a steel trap for an estimated five days. She lost her leg but found her home with me! This is eight weeks after coming home.”

7. “My Midnight’s transformation.”

8. “One year ago, Jake was found underneath a car, alone and half frozen. He was 4 weeks old and his mom was gone. Now he’s the biggest kitty with the most personality that I’ve ever met.”

9. “Before and after fostering. Roadrunner on the day I got him from the shelter, and on the day he went to his new home.”

10. “Some wonderful soul found this little guy on the street cuddled up in a plastic container. Three years later, he is the happiest, sweetest, most playful, curious cat. Love him so much and thank you wonderful soul, whomever you are.”

11. “Found this little lady crying in a parking lot with fleas and a badly broken leg. Here she is 3 months and two surgeries later.”

12. “Found him dehydrated in the high summer heat. Didn’t plan on keeping him initially but a few years later and I can never leave him!”

13. “I found this kitten last summer in a sealed box near the road. I don’t know why I decided to stop and check it. Now he is a big cat and lives in this new family with his new friend.”

14. “What love and tons of Churu (kitty vitamins) can do to a street-hardened cat.”

15. “Our Maine Coon kitten Hemingway’s shelter picture compared to one week after bringing him home.”

Incredible transformations like these happen every day thanks to kind people like you and me. Don’t forget to head to your local animal shelter the next time you need a new furry companion!

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