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15 Hilarious Stories That Prove Kids Can Have Meltdowns Over Just About Anything

little boy in an orca costume crying as he clutches onto a watermelon to protect it from his mom who is standing next to him at the kitchen counter and upset 3 year old girl laying with her face on a couch cushion and her feet on the ground

Children are a blessing, but every once in a while, they get upset over something so bizarre, it’s honestly impressive.

When this happened to Bess Kalb, a writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”and the New Yorker, she couldn’t help but share what her toddler was upset about this time. Not only was it therapeutic for this worn-out mom, but it also gave other parents the perfect opportunity to share their own experiences. So without further ado, here are some of our favorites!

1. The tweet that started it all.

2. “My then 3 year old granddaughter after I took a pretend bite out of her pretend sandwich.”

3. No one has a more refined taste for food than a 2-year-old.

4. It isn’t easy being a perfectionist.

5. “We wanted the rain to be inside… “

6. But what if worms are yummy?

7. As a parent, you always have to be prepared for an impromptu science lesson.

8. “Our son throwing his body over a watermelon to protect it, while wearing orca suit.”

9. We can only imagine what was going on inside that toddler brain of hers.

10. Sure, sharing is important, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

11. “My grandson’s epic meltdown today was over the fact that he didn’t need a nap time because he wasn’t tired. Ten minutes later, mid veggie stick… “

12. Well, he did specifically ask for it to be on the hot dog…

13. Just wait until he realizes that other people have shadows, too.

14. “When you aren’t allowed to destroy big brother’s new Lego set…. we are all drama here.”

15. Not all wounds heal with time.

Ah, the struggles of parenting! There’s nothing quite like raising a tiny human with big emotions. Thankfully, they’ll learn how to handle them eventually, but until then, at least you have lots of great stories to tell! We have a feeling the kids in these stories will especially appreciate them one day.

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