15 Sneaky Dogs Who Always Win Hide-And-Seek

The good folks on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page have given us another challenge, and this one makes “Where’s Waldo?” seem like a snap.

The “Hidden Dog Challenge” is proving that some pups are incredibly good at blending in with their surroundings, especially when they’re asked to do something they don’t feel like doing. In fact, they can go full chameleon in the blink of an eye! Others, however, still have a lot to learn about camouflage.

1. “I was grilling and felt like I was being watched….” Don’t forget to double-check the backyard!


2. “I thought it was obvious where he was at when I posted this on my own page but everyone just kept commenting on the yellow chair. I think only a couple people realized my dog was in the pic.”

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3. “When asked if she wants to go for a walk, this la-z-girl tries to blend in with her bed.”

4. One of these things is not like the others….

5. “I can’t seem to find my boy. Daddy is covered in a fluffy blanket in his chair, but where’s the dog? He was hiding from his medicine.”

6. “She decided not to answer when I called, and I was having a mild panic attack trying to find her. Turns out she was asleep behind some books.”

7. “There is in fact a ghost in this picture.”

8. “Roscoe prefers Under-The-Tree Stealth Mode.”

9. Peekaboo, we see you!

10. Has anyone seen Lola? She was just here a minute ago.

11. Sometimes it feels like we’re being watched.

12. Abigail doesn’t like to move on laundry day. It’s just her way of helping.

13. “Bet you can’t find the second dog in this photo.”

14. Tiny dog in a huuuuge bed.

15. It helps if your dog is also made out of crushed velvet.

Either our eyes aren’t what they used to be or these dogs are really masters of disguise! It’s a good thing we know the antidote to their invisibility spells. (Cheese. It’s cheese.)

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