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15 Inspiring Ways The World Has Rallied To Help The People Of Ukraine

ukrainian refugees waiting in line for free food at the rava-ruska border between ukraine and poland and a screenshot of a map showing the locations of homes in poland that are open to ukrainian refugees

Despite Russian military efforts, Ukraine is staying strong as its citizens continue to fight for their lives and their freedom.

Individuals and countries around the world are stepping up to do whatever they can to help, and the impact they’re making is quite literally saving lives. We’ve collected some of the most inspiring responses people have had to the invasion of Ukraine below, so keep scrolling to learn more.  

1. Woman gives out free bread in a neighborhood of Kyiv.

When asked how much the bread costs, she replied, “For the Glory of Ukraine!”

2. Ukrainian soccer player gets an overwhelming standing ovation.

During a recent game, Ukrainian soccer player Roman Yaremchuk was made a substitute. But with 30 minutes left, he was brought onto the field and given the captain’s armband. The stadium erupted with cheers as Yaremchuk made his way onto the field, with most of the crowd waving Ukrainian flags and anti-war signs.

3. When a man was unable to cross the border with his children, a stranger took on the task of getting them to Hungary so they could reunite with their mom.

4. This ex-Royal Marine has raised almost £4,000 to help him fill up his minibus with supplies, pillows, and toys that he’s taking to refugees near the Ukrainian border.

5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan is supporting Ukraine with medical supplies.

6. Residents of Poland are using their own money to provide food, water, clothes, medical and psychological help, and more for Ukrainian refugees.

7. Ukrainian refugees don’t have to pay for train tickets in Poland.

“PROOF that you really do get FREE TRAINS if you’re a Ukrainian who’s escaped into Poland,” Maria Romanenko wrote on Twitter. “Showed my passport to the inspector, he printed out the ticket for me, which lists PLN 0.00 on it as a price.”

8. Ryan Reynolds is matching all donations to Ukraine up to $1 million.

9. Stockholm, Sweden is preparing to send life-saving medical equipment to hospitals in Ukraine.

10. Ukrainian refugees don’t need extra permits to enter Finland with their pets.

11. The nonprofit World Central Kitchen is partnering with Caritas nuns to feed refugees near one of the Poland borders.

12. This map shows all of the homes in Poland that are open to Ukrainian refugees.

13. Cities across the world, including Rome, Italy and Dallas, Texas, are lighting up buildings with the colors of the Ukrainian flag to show their support.

14. The EU is making it easier for Ukrainians to seek refuge by not making them apply for asylum first.

15. Several government officials in Taiwan are donating a month of their salaries to a disaster relief fund the country has created to better support Ukraine.

As a war continues to rage in Ukraine, we’re reminded that even when horrors such as this occur, there will always be those who choose to do good.

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