15 Insanely Realistic 3D Pet Portraits To Delight You — And Help Others!

ornament made by hanna tsukanoya with a 3d pet portrait of a dog that is hanging next to a tablet showing off a photo of the dog the ornament was based on and another ornament by hanna with a pug alongside the photo it was based on as well

As Russia continues to rage war on Ukraine, countless people are finding ways to help, and some are getting especially creative.


Hanna Tsukanoya, for example, is using her talent for creating animal-related art as a way to raise money. She does regular portraits, but one of her more unique creations involves 3D portraits! Keep scrolling to learn more.

1. The multitalented Hanna is a journalist, university professor, and artist.

2. Although she’s living in New York right now, she’s a proud native of Ukraine.

3. That’s part of the reason why she’s so passionate about using her talent for art to help Ukraine and its citizens.

4. Luckily, her work has quite a fan base – and we totally see why!

5. These 3D pet portraits are made of sheep’s wool, and they’re insanely realistic.

6. “I am often asked how I do it,” Hanna said. “I answer honestly that only with the help of God. Because I never went to art school and do not know how to draw at all.”

7. Each masterpiece that she creates takes 10 or more hours to complete.

8. “My eyes get tired and my fingers are pinched by a needle,” she said. “But I really love this job! And I really love every model!”

9. When the war on Ukraine began, Hanna learned about a girl named Olesya – she’s a volunteer who helps take care of over 200 domestic and wild animals.

10. Instead of leaving the country for her own safety, Oleysa has chosen to stay.

11. “She is a volunteer that did not run away despite constant shelling and bomb attacks,” Hanna said. “She stayed with her animals and continues to save them.”

12. Once Hanna heard about this heroic woman, she helped raise $1,000 dollars to support her.

13. “I did not know Olesya before the start of the war,” Hanna said. “But now I will not leave her even when peace comes.”

14. In addition to helping Oleysa, Hanna has also announced that every dollar she makes in her Etsy store, RunoArtPets, will now be going to support Ukraine.

15. “By supporting my store you support Ukraine and the Ukrainian army,” Hanna said. “I transfer all the money from sales to support our defenders! Glory to Ukraine!”

As senseless violence by Russia continues, it’s important that we keep an eye out for all of the people who are working hard to put an end to it. We may not all have talents like Hanna, but supporting people like her is an important way for us to band together in our support for Ukraine.

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