15 Insanely Adorable Sloths Who Will Have You Craving A Fuzzy Hug

two baby sloths smiling and cuddling with stuffed animals and sloth taking a selfie while hanging from a tree on a beach with a man sitting on a log in the background while laughing

There’s a lot to love about sloths: the impressively slow way they move, the adorable way they snuggle with humans, the goofy grins they have on their faces 24/7, and so much more.


Sloths have become quite popular over the years, and it’s no wonder why. In fact, there’s even an official sloth day every year on October 20 to celebrate the important role they play in our ecosystem! Although that day has passed, these adorable creatures deserve to be celebrated every single day, which is exactly why we’ve put together a collection of “awww”-worthy sloth photos below!

1. “One of the best, most memorable days of my life … Meet Perry and her brand new baby. I didn’t wash my face for a week!”

2. Have you ever seen a sloth this young!? Talk about cuteness overload!

3. Like mother, like daughter!

4. Look, Mom, no hands!

5. Looks like someone is getting better at yoga!

6. “Looks like a baby sloth, acts like a baby sloth, but it’s actually fully grown pigmy sloth.”

7. Don’t judge a book by its cover – he’s actually a highly rated tutor.

8. This little guy just popped in to say hello!

9. When these Brazilian firefighters were saving this sloth, they had no idea he’s actually a fabulous model.

10. These fuzzy little babies almost look like one of the stuffed animals they’re cuddling!

11. Best. Selfie. EVER.

12. His high kick! His little feetsies! His radiant smile! His EVERYTHING!

13. We can’t tell who is enjoying this snuggly hug more!

14. It looks like he’s posing for the camera!

15. The slowest and cutest of bleps.

Oh, to be a sloth and have every photo be an adorable, majestic masterpiece! The only thing better than scrolling through endless pictures of them online would be getting to snuggle with one in person. In the meantime, we’ll live vicariously through these lucky folks!

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