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15 Insanely Adorable Animal Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Say “Aww”

cats walking side by side in snow next to baby lamb and mom

It’s a scientifically proven fact that looking at pictures of cute animals makes us happy.

Our brains are just hardwired to produce feel-good chemicals and impulses when we see adorable things like babies, whether they’re of the animal or human variety. Perhaps this is why there are so many cute images of animals on Reddit’s popular “Aww” page. Looking at these sweet faces and fuzzy bellies puts a smile on our faces, and sometimes that’s all we need to power through another day!

1. “That’s not a banana.”

2. Have you ever seen such a perfectly round bunny?

3. “Sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge.”

4. The corgis go marching one by one, hurrah!

5. “This is my mom’s dog, Dixie. She is exactly as smart as she looks.”

6. The sweetest parking lot discovery (and note!) ever made.

7. This baby sheep is only 15 minutes old and he’s already stealing hearts.

8. He may have gotten bigger, but this dog is still the best copilot ever!

9. Here’s a model kitty posing with his owner’s favorite picture of all time.

10. When husbands and cats share a birthday week…. This guy knows where he stands in the family!

11. “Saw these ducklings cuddling because of the cold weather today.”

12. This blind cat never goes anywhere without his seeing-eye buddy.

13. A hedgehog having extra-sweet dreams cuddling with his cute little stuffy.

14. This teeny-tiny bee would like to have a word, if you don’t mind.

15. Just a tiny bunny rabbit sleeping on his tiny bunny rabbit bed.

Science is right on with this study! We definitely feel better after seeing all this cuteness, don’t you?

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