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15 Historical Figures Come Back To Life Thanks To State-Of-The-Art Computer Wizardry

Before we had videos, the only way to capture someone’s physical likeness was through portraits and sculptures.

Centuries later, we have developed the technology to take these depictions and turn them into videos, breathing new life into long-gone historical figures. On the Mystery Scoop social media pages, artists and colorists use artificial intelligence, Photoshop, and other computer programs to transform two dimensional images into short videos that show us how these people looked while smiling, blinking, or nodding.

1.Colorization is the first step of the process. Who knew that Abraham Lincoln had blue eyes and a great smile?

2. No, that’s not Frank Sinatra! It’s World War I pilot The Red Baron.


The Red Baron, 1917. Brought To Life! Manfred von Richthofen (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918, aged 25), better known as The Red Baron, was Germany’s greatest fighter pilot and ace during World War I. In Germany, he was regarded as a national hero, and respected by his enemies. Richthofen’s fame grew with each new victory, eventually becoming the most famous and feared pilot of the war. On the fateful day of the 21st of April 1918, Manfred von Richthofen met his end, when an enemy bullet punctured his lung during arial combat, above Somme in northern France. Historians are still debating whether the shot was fired by a pursuing enemy aircraft or by ground fire. Richthofen, who was critically injured, managed to crash land his famous red Fokker plane on a field, where it was captured by nearby Australian troops. He was discovered dead in his cockpit. The plane was quickly taken apart by souvenir hunters, with many pieces ending up in museum displays all over the world. Many believe that brain damage from the head wound he received in July 1917, along with cumulative combat stress, caused him to disregard some of the precautions that made him invincible in the sky, resulting in poor judgement during his final combat. His enemies paid great respect to the fallen Red Baron, giving him a full military funeral in Northern France. Memorial wreaths were presented by Allied squadrons stationed nearby, one of which was inscribed with the words “To Our Gallant and Worthy Foe.” Red Baron’s body was reinterred several times, first in Berlin in 1925 and then in 1975 at the Richthofen family grave plot in Wiesbaden, western Germany. Base color: @color_by_klimbim Enhancement & Animation: Mystery Scoop #redbaron #ww1 #ww1history #ww1flyinace #flyingace #germanpilot #manfredvonrichthofen #theredbaron #prussia

♬ Military – Florews

3. Here, the extremely talented artist Rembrandt looks as though he’s about to step out of his own painting!

@mysteryscoop Rembrandt, self-portrait 1660, brought to life. #rembrandt #dutch #dutchgoldenage #dutchpainter #baroque #broughttolife #painter #dutchartist #art ♬ Inspiring Cinematic Uplifting (15 second) – PremiumAudio

4. Bonnie Parker, partner in crime to Clyde Barrow.

@mysteryscoop Replying to @mp_849 Bonnie Parker, c.1934, famous outlaw during th 1930s, Clyde Barrow’s partner. #bonnieandclyde #bonnieparker #gangsters #outlaws #barrowgang #american ♬ Cornfield Chase – Dorian Marko

5. Theodore Roosevelt looks exactly as we pictured him.


BORN THIS DAY: THEODORE ROOSEVELT (October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919, aged 60). On this day in history, Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City, to a family of wealth and privilege. Teddy served as the 26th President of the United States (1901 – 1909). He was one of the most dynamic Presidents in White House history. Only a boy when the Civil War broke out, Roosevelt witnessed the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession. He had a really, really good photographic memory. According to historian Edmund Morris, Roosevelt was able to recite obscure poetry and other content well over a decade after he read them. Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt were fifth cousins. Eleanor Roosevelt’s father was a brother of Theodore Roosevelt. It was Uncle Theodore who presented the bride at Franklin (23) and Eleanor (20) wedding in March, 1905. Roosevelt was the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for mediating an end to the Russo-Japanese War, and he secured the route and began construction of the Panama Canal. As a prolific writer, he wrote about 35 books in his lifetime and an estimated 150,000 letters, and an autobiography. Roosevelt survived the tragedy of losing his first wife and his own mother to illness on the same day in 1884, an assassination attempt in 1912, and an extremely dangerous military charge in Cuba in 1898. While at Harvard, Roosevelt participated in rowing and boxing; he was once runner-up in a Harvard boxing tournament. He left law school at Columbia without receiving a degree and had become focused on local politics. The President continued with his hobby of boxing well into his presidency. He suffered a detached retina in a bout in 1908, and stopped fighting. He switched to jiu-jitsu instead. Roosevelt was also a dedicated conservationist, setting aside some 200 million acres for national forests, reserves and wildlife refuges during his presidency. Teddy passed away in 1919 at the age 60 from a blood clot that had lodged in his heart. [photo portrait c.1915, by Pach Brothers]

♬ American Patriot – Hollywood Film Music Orchestra

6. Mehmed III, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, looks positively regal.

@mysteryscoop MEHMED III (26 May 1566 — 22 December 1603, aged 37) was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1595 until his death in 1603, #mehmet #ottoman #empire #ottomanempire #turkey #turkish #istanbul #turk ♬ Ottoman Empire – Hasan Cihat Örter

7. This bust of Nefertiti looks starkly different when brought to life.

8. Gertrude Bell, a writer known as the Queen of the Desert.

9. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in 1869.

10. In 1844, opera singer Jenny Lind was known as the “Swedish Nightingale.”

11. Fans of “Hamilton” might know the name of the Marquis de Lafayette, but they’ve never seen the Revolutionary War veteran like this before.


Marquis de Lafayette, 1791, brought to life. French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War. #lafayette #gilbertdumotier #marquis #marquisdelafayette #french #aristocrat #military #american #revolutionary #war

♬ Military – Florews

12. Nickolas Muray’s portrait of artist Frida Kahlo gives us a glimpse at what she looked like in her youth.

13. This portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte was painted in 1804. Here it is brought to life.

14. We don’t have many photos of his famous father, but here’s Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart, Mozart’s son.

15. Writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau in 1856, and now.

This seems more like wizardry than artistry! We’re very impressed, and it really makes you think about how art captures and preserves moments, events, and people for all time.

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