15 Hissterical Nighttime Routines That Never Cease To Baffle These Cat Parents

a closeup of a gray cat staring at the camera and two black cats staring ominously at the camera, one of which is wearing a cone

As independent as most cats are, they also thrive on consistent routines in their day, many of which have to involve their beloved humans. While this can be super adorable, many cats have a night routine that can be… well, a bit chaotic.

Twitter user @Laurelexx learned this the hard way while staying the night at someone’s house recently. Baffled by the way her friend’s cat was so active as they slept, she took to Twitter to share her experience. In return, others shared their own hilarious stories and thoughts on their own cat’s peculiar nighttime routine. We’ve compiled some of the best for you to enjoy below!

1. Here’s the chaotic story that prompted some of the best replies on Twitter.

tweet from user @lauralexx that reads "I stayed at someone’s house last week and they have a cat. And I never knew this but, when you go to sleep… cats just wander about the house catting all night? You can’t “put a cat to bedâ€?! The cat just… gets the house for a while?! %*@(* nuts."

2. We don’t understand her process, but we respect it nonetheless.

3. How else will she learn what those cables are for?

4. Do cat owners even need to have an alarm clock?

5. It’s very kind of her to care so much about her owner getting enough sleep.

6. Sounds like a win-win for the cat.

7. For Millie, 5 a.m. is “pay attention to me” hour.

8. How else will she know you went to bed?

9. Who could say “no” to this little cutie’s request?

10. It’s how she says, “I love you!”

11. These two have a sleepover every night!

12. In the cat’s defense, us humans can be pretty confusing at times.

13. It looks like they were caught in the middle of talking about their owner behind her back.

14. She is a queen, and she deserves to be treated as such.

15. Yeah, that sounds about right.

We may not always understand why cats have chosen to follow their particular nighttime routine, but we love that they find comfort in it, even if it doesn’t always go with our own plans.

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