15 Trips To The Museum That Got Hilariously Out Of Hand

people clowning at the museum

Who says a trip to the museum has to be boring?

Although most museums aim to be educational in nature, there’s no reason why visiting those hallowed halls has to be a stuffy affair. The people in the images below all managed to find joy and humor while perusing the works of art. Luckily for us, they also snapped a photo and shared the unexpected comedy with us online.

1. This woman’s husband had a delightful time at the science museum.

2. Don’t worry, we don’t completely understand modern art either.

3. Just good advice all around.

4. Their son’s green hoodie blended into the green screen in the Pompeii exhibit, so they adapted.

5. Bros helping bros = timeless.

6. Looks like someone had an electrifying day at the children’s museum!

7. There has never been a more appropriate place to use a face swapping app.

8. This is the absolute best way to enjoy the museum.

9. Are you really surprised that the workers at the Museum of Science have a nerdy sense of humor?

10. Kelvingrove Museum showed off their Christmas spirit. We approve!

11. Abraham Lincoln, out for a little leg stretch with his BFF.

12. Move over, Ivan the Terrible. There’s a new ruler of the museum, and we definitely wouldn’t cross her!

13. “Found my ex in the Natural History Museum.”

14. Found a new use for those old Halloween costumes. Was not disappointed.

15. Just a little gift shop humor at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

That’s it, next time we go to a museum, we want these people to come with us! What a great way to add levity to some often-heavy aspects of human history. There’s no reason why learning shouldn’t be fun!

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