15 Hilarious Comics Guaranteed To Make You Want To Pet Your Dog

Dogs are considered some of the most loyal and caring animals on the planet. Therefore, getting a dog is more than owning a pet that you just have to feed and walk. It means gaining a new family member, and just like with family, the owner-dog relationship can definitely be interesting!

A talented artist named Gemma Gené decided to illustrate this relationship by portraying her very own with her pug named “Mochi” and the rest of her family. Her amazing comics have brought the attention of thousands of Instagram followers, and we just can’t get enough of them!

It was hard to pick just a few, but here are some of the funniest and most-relatable ones. Enjoy!

1. Having a dog means that you will always have a buddy to watch your favorite shows! Unless your buddy wants your full attention…

2. “I am so used to sharing my food with Mochi that it feels weird to eat without him! Does this happen to anyone else?”

3. These are the kind of emergencies that we like!

4. Having a dog means LOTS of time outdoors!

5. “My favorite ball of heat 🔥â¤ï¸”

6. “On Yellow’s first attempt to say Mochi, she said “hobo” 🤣. Pretty random. On a second attempt she said “popi,” getting closer 😅.”

7. You don’t have to ask them twice, and this is a FACT.

8. “Mochi knows his rights as the babiest baby 🤷ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸.”

9. This is definitely the hardest goodbye…

10. Dogs just seem to know when there’s a meeting, it’s their time to SHINE.

11. “My little snoring angel 😂â¤ï¸”

12. This would TOTALLY happen if dogs could go grocery shopping.

13. There’s nothing a few kisses can’t fix!

14. “Starting a massage is a big commitment in our home. Once you start there is no way back 🙈”

15. “The beauty of working from home”

Ahhh, our hearts are melting. We hope you enjoyed these amazing pieces of art as much as we did!

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