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15 Hilarious Cat Names That Are Purrfect For Their 1-Of-A-Kind Personalities

A two-photo collage. The first one shows a close up of a dark grey cat with his tongue out a little. The second one shows a cat that is mainly white with black on his face around the ear area, his bottom, and tail sits on a bed next to a human and looks at the camera. He also has a heart-shaped black spot on his nose.

There’s quite a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing a child’s name. But what about naming cats? While many folks want to make sure they name their four-legged pal something that perfectly matches their personality, there is a lot more room for going with something silly – we’re talking really silly.

Cats with fascinating names is so common, in fact, that a Twitter thread all about this topic blew up. It was started by Brittany Means. We’ve gathered some of the best ones for you to enjoy below. Just keep scrolling to get in on the laughs – and possibly get a little name inspiration!

1. Sometimes the funniest cat names are the most human ones.

Tweet from @BrittanyMeansIt that reads:

One of my greatest joys in life is when Jeff calls the vet to make an appointment and they ask for his name, and he says, Jeff. Then, they ask for our cat's name, and I watch him gather his strength before he tells them, Baby Jeff.

2. “This is Daisy. When we got him we thought he was a girl. When the vet asked ‘Well, what are you going to change his name to?’ I told him ‘I’m not, just put a ‘Mister’ in front of it.'”

3. “Ha! I do enjoy my hearing my husband making vet appointments for Captain Puff Puff. But what else could we call him?”

4. “This is Elvis Presley. Whenever we go to the vet the staff at the front desk just writes ‘The King’ on his paperwork and predictably says ‘Elvis has left the building’ as we leave.”

5. What fitting names for two life-saving kitties!

6. “Agent Timber Whiskers reporting for duty.”

7. It’s what she deserves.

8. “This is Darth Revan and our pharmacist recognized the name on the Rx and referred to him as ‘our little Sith Lord.'”

9. “My cats name is Lord Tubbington, and every vet and nurse giggles before saying his name. He’s 18 this year.”

10. So many Kittys!

11. “This is Sir Barnabus B Boopington Grubb III, Esq. He is not the third, nor is he a lawyer we call him Bingus.”

12. “My rescue cats name is Mr. Gary when they call us at the vets if the say ‘Gary’ I immediately correct them LIKE IT’S ‘MR. GARY.'”

13. “Our cat’s full name is Thomas Houdini Pickles. The new girl at the vet called me Mrs. Pickles yesterday, and I died.”

14. “This is The Outlaw Josey Wales. Vets always enjoy the name.”

15. “This is Tweety the Antique Cat. She’s 18, older than Twitter. I adopted her a few months ago because no 18 yo should linger in a shelter. I luff her.”

No matter what you name your cat, one thing will never change: How absolutely adorable they are! Now, which one of these silly feline names did you love the most?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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