15 Hilariously Derpy Cats Who Forgot To Close Their Mouths

black and white cat sticking its tongue out while laying on a bed next to an orange, black, and white cat and a cat sticking its tongue out while stretching

You can never see too many pictures of a cat blepping. That’s why there’s a popular subreddit named r/Blep, which is full of all sorts of adorable cats doing just that!

In case you haven’t heard, “blep” is a term created by Reddit user BillohRly to describe when a cat is sticking their tongue out. You might find a feline doing this because they’re investigating a new environment, picking up scents, or simply because they find it comfortable. Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely delightful, and we hope you enjoy some of our favorites below!

1. Stardust isn’t a vampire, but the angle of this blep makes it look like she has fangs!

2. Miss Elizabeth Bennet, named after the “Pride and Prejudice” character, only gives the prettiest of bleps.

3. “Went to a cat café today and this fella blep all the time.”

4. A blep AND a big stretch? It appears that Finn isn’t aware of the power of his cuteness!

5. “I spent a solid 5 minutes laughing at his blep today.”

6. As you can see, Sophie-Anne is a big fan of catnip.

7. In case you’ve never seen an upside down blep… you’re welcome.

8. “DeeDee has owned us for 5+ years. Finally caught a blep on camera!”

9. This adorable fluffy boy looks just like an emoji! 😜

10. “My new kitten’s napping blep.”

11. “She held this blep for like 5 minutes.”

12. At just 6 days old, this tiny kitten is already a professional blepper.

13. Ophelia is normally quite poised, making this derpy blep all the more amazing!

14. We didn’t realize how much we needed a blep captured from a lower angle until this very moment.

15. “A month ago Chewie was living in an abandoned hospital parking lot, now he’s the blep king of the house.”

Cats are known for a lot of things: being made of liquid, having squishy toe beans, and of course, having adorable blep faces. Those are just a few characteristics that make them so lovable, and we’re so happy websites like Reddit give us a way to share and appreciate felines from all around the world!

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