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15 Memes That Capture The Hilariously Difficult Essence Of Adulting

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Sometimes we really miss the simple days of childhood, before we had to worry about grown-up stuff like mortgages, taxes, and daily to-do lists.

The good news is that those of us who are trying desperately to “adult” in our daily lives are in good company. Struggling to act maturely and responsibly is a concept often featured in memes, and believe us, the struggle is real! Many of the memes featured on the popular Instagram page “The Funny Introvert” center around this concept, so it’s easy to see why they’ve got more than 7.1 million followers.

1. PS: When June rolls around, we’ll probably cancel. Sorry not sorry.

2. Why stop at three? We can think of dozens of people we want to avoid while dressed in our sweatpants in the freezer aisle.

3. Now we vacillate between “I’m sure it’s nothing” to “Welp, it’s been a good ride” about twice a day.

4. If you’re not terrified of missing a deadline, is it even work?

5. We’re trying this technique from now on.

6. Easily one of the coolest aspects of having your own “mini me.”

7. Even the robotic vacuum is full of melodrama.

8. It’s like they just arrived on the planet yesterday and still haven’t gotten their bearings.

9. This mom’s influence transcends time, space, and distance.

10. It’s a teachable moment, but not in the way they thought it would be.

11. We’re convinced that this is not a joke; it’s actually true.

12. Wait… you guys are cleaning your ovens?

13. We’d watch this… and so would Macauley Culkin.

14. Reach for the maple syrup stars, my good man!

15. Last night we pulled a muscle while sleeping. Don’t even get us started on what happens when we sneeze.

We’re laughing because it’s so much more fun than crying! Plus, as the poet Carroll Bryant once wrote, “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.” It sure beats the alternative!

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