15 Heart-Melting Snapshots Of Life’s Sweetest Moments

There’s so much beauty in the world. The trick is remembering to appreciate it when we see it!

The videos below all feature people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, experiencing a moment of pure emotion. These emotions range from joy to sorrow, and each video is so sweet we can feel our hearts expanding with every second we watch.

1. Just look at this sweet baby’s reaction to his auntie’s thoughtful gift.

2. Son surprises his blind mother by placing her grandchild in her arms instead of the flowers she expected.

3. Thirty-two-year-old woman meets her biological mother for the first time. “It’s been a huge blessing since this day.”

4. Marcilia hadn’t seen the ocean in decades. Her daughters changed that for her on her 97th birthday!

5. This gentleman overheard a waitress wishing strangers in a restaurant “happy birthday,” so he played them the birthday song in his harmonica.

6. When this woman heard that her mother’s longtime church was due to be demolished, she bought the pew her mother sat on for years. She had it refinished and surprised her mom with it in her garden!

7. This non-verbal boy found the sweetest way to say thank you to granddad for adding hot water to his pool.

8. Family separated for 5 months has emotional reunion with grandparents.

9. “My family gave my father the trip of his dreams to Venice, Italy.”

10. He may be 85, but this man turns into a gleeful little boy when surprised with a piece of birthday cake.

11. This toddler spotted her grandma at the train station and was SO excited!

12. This brave 3-year-old boy is battling relapsed leukemia. All he wanted was his own wagon to explore the hospital. When he got it, his reaction was too pure for this world!

13. Here’s a grandma meeting her grandbaby for the first time. Such a wonderful surprise!

14. Everyone at the beach shouted words of encouragement to a little boy who was scared to jump off the diving board.

15. The whole school lined the hallways to welcome back a teacher who just lost her 9-year-old daughter.

Don’t worry – crying is a natural response to feelings of empathy, compassion, and love! Now pass us the tissue box!

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