15 Dads Who Let Their Daughters Do Their Makeup… And Only ...

15 Dads Who Let Their Daughters Do Their Makeup… And Only Regret It A Little

We love a dad who isn’t afraid to look a little silly to put a smile on their kid’s face.

The fathers in the images below are great sports! When their daughters asked if they could practice their best hair and makeup techniques on them, they didn’t hesitate to say yes. Many “girl dads” acknowledge this activity as an important rite of passage, and it’s definitely a wonderful way to bond and have fun!

1. “I did my dad’s makeup. Giving ‘beautiful’ a whole new meaning!”


2. “When 5-year-old decides to make daddy beautiful… the results are astonishing!”

3. “As much as I tell her no, with my crazy busy life, this is the stuff I actually love.”

4. “Dad life you say? I raise you single father dress-up time.”

5. “I was my baby’s first client in her nail spa this morning… If ya don’t have nothing nice to say about her work, then don’t say nothing. She is open for appointments….”

6. “Being a dad of all daughters isn’t all about keeping boys away from them. Sometimes it’s trying out a pallet.”

7. “Avery found some of mommy’s makeup! I think she has a career as a professional makeup artist.”

8. “My daughters got makeup for Christmas.”

9. “My daughter asked to do my makeup. I asked her to make me look like Newman… She nailed it!”

10. “It is a rite of passage and a great dad win! Welcome to the club!”

11. “The official Girl Dad rite of passage.”

12. “My sweetie getting his toes done by our granddaughter and her friend.”

13. “I’ve been having a hard time bonding with and getting my daughter to smile lately. So I finally agreed to let her give me a makeover and her smile says it all.”

14. “My stepdaughter was asking to ‘do my hair.’ Regretting it a bit now.”

15. “My daughter made me a custom Christmas crown and had me looking like the Ghost of Christmas Present.”

We think you guys look great! More importantly, you’ve created happy memories with your daughters that they’ll never forget, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

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